New Government Rules of India, E-Commerce Sites Must Show MRP, Other Details are Mandatory From Next Year

The new rules will also impose pre-packaged products being sold at cinema halls, malls and airports.
July 10, 2017 online shopping

To protect online consumer, Indian government has made it mandatory for Products sold on e-commerce platforms and medical devices declared as drugs like stents, valve, orthopedic implants, syringe and tools for operation, among others will now have to carry retail prices and other essential information from 1, January 2018.

Officials say they had received complaints from consumers about discriminatory pricing of products, under which a price of product varies depending on where the product is sold as well as practices such as charging more than the MRP.

Senior official in the consumer affairs ministry said, “Consumers deserve the same protection online as offline. At present, only MRP (maximum retail price) is printed on the goods sold online. We have asked the companies to declare additional details on the label. Along with MRP, the companies have to declare manufacturing date, expiry date, net quantity, country of origin and consumer care details on the label.”

The new rules will also impose pre-packaged products being sold at cinema halls, malls and airports. According to the government’s statement, no seller can charge dual MRPs for their product unless the law allows. The rules have been amended to enhance consumer protection, but at the same time balancing with the requirement of ease of doing business.

Products sold online will also have to declare name and address of the manufacturer, packer and importer, name of the commodity, net content, retail sale price, consumer care complaint and dimension. Details, letters and numerals for the declaration must also be in readable font and size. The net quantity checking is made more scientific, with introduction of e- coding. Bar Code/QR Coding is allowed on voluntary basis.

An official statement said, “Enough time has been given to the companies for complying with the new norms. From January 2018, it is must that goods sold via e-commerce platform should have all these declarations else the companies will face stringent action.”