Google Will Let You Search Compare Device Specifications Soon

The new comparison feature will be used by adding ‘versus’ or ‘vs’ between two devices
November 6, 2017 google compare device specifications

A search giant Google has been reportedly testing a new search feature which will let users to compare specifications of devices like smartphone directly through the Google search. This new feature will highlight the differences between two devices in comparison. According to report by Androidpolice who spotted the report first, the new feature by Google is still under testing and not available for public use for now.

The new comparison feature will be used by adding ‘versus’ or ‘vs’ between two devices. A leaked screenshot shows the comparison between ‘Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL’ resulting in the display of a comparison chart. You can expand the comparison chart by hitting the blue button. Also there is an option to highlight differences. However, it is not clear that the comparison feature would only be limited to smartphones or will include more categories like cars or home appliance products. We will have to wait to know more about this new feature.

This new comparison feature will works for only two devices which mean if you try to compare three or more devices then it will not work.

The comparison feature is not visible in search on Google search page due to Google is still testing the feature and it will take some time before it will officially rolled out for everyone.