Android Messages v2.7 Lets Money Transfer, Duo Video Calling and More

The Android Messages V2.7 APK size has shrunk from 19.5 MB to 13.7 MB, compare to version 2.5.
November 21, 2017android-messages

Google’s Android Messages app has received the new update to version v2.7 from v2.5 with a bunch of new features. The new app version includes Money transfer, Duo video calling, new messages indicator and more.

The new v2.7 update now lets you transfer money to your contacts using Google Wallet. Press the ‘+’ button to go to attachments section then scroll down and you will see two buttons Send money and Request money. It will then prompt you to select the Google account the first time when you’re using the app, then it will ask you to enter the amount that needs to be transferred. Both the sender and the receiver will get a notification with the link to accept the money and the receiver will get the text message and a pending request in their Google Wallet app if it installed. However, this feature is not available for everyone as of now, according to Androidpolice, but it will soon available for all.

One of the might very useful feature v2.7 gets is Duo calling integration. If you have contacts that are registered with Duo, a video camera icon appears in the title bar of conversations in Android Messages. Pressing the icon will quickly start video calling and there is no confirmation prompt or warning message you will get. However, this feature seems to be gradually distributed and it is possible that some see the icon, others may not.

In addition, the app will help you identify new messages and count for new messages when you open a conversation if someone sends series of short text messages. It also provides promo text suggesting for select a specific SIM from Dual SIMs while sending text messages and RCS support for dual-SIM phones.

The Android Messages V2.7 APK size has shrunk from 19.5 MB to 13.7 MB, compare to version 2.5.